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The Way Home
is a group of concerned community and church members united in our desire to fight homelessness in Lower Bucks County.

In early 2011 a group of concerned church and community members, social service representatives, county officials, and non profit organization representatives met to address the need to relocate a local homeless encampment. From this meeting an administrative team developed and began meeting to discuss the operational details of this move. A face to face team also emerged to link the homeless camp members with needed social services. From these two groups, a united group of representatives began meeting and designated themselves with the name The Way Home. Led by a young community member, we are attempting to develop and provide a long term solution to the issues surrounding the homeless population of Bucks County-- particularly the single male population. Our goal is to provide the care these men need and a model that can be used in various other areas of the globe facing this same issue.

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